But you can call me Sebo!
How big is the harem

as big as 2 

maybe more

Can... Can countries... die?

But it is none of my concern. I am, after all, a micronation 

SEBORGA! I MUST ASK YOU SOMETHING... What if a random girl (presumably an otaku) told you she was getting married to Romano (with pictures?)

call bs

Sebo. How do countries have babies? Seriously, both the UK and France are guys... so how'd Matt and America come into existence then?

Now, Mr. Kirkland’s and Francis’ sex life is none of my business but that is irrelevant to the birth of those little mangiacakes. I don’t know about the history lectures you guys might’ve had but the (now known) U.S and Canadian territories existed way before the European invasion! England and France just fought for the custody haha! 

On the plus side, us nations… we’re barely humans so us to procreate is difficult (but not impossible) for us since it isn’t necessary for us to do so!

Or, at least, this is what I understood from my fratellos. 

Does mun have a main blog? ;)

mun very much has a main blog ;o but she has like 0 hetalia related things there though. 

does the carpet match the drapes

no my pubes are baby blue, anon you got me

Any ladies who've stolen your heart?

all ladies hold my heart

especially laura pausini 


what would you do if suddenly everyone turned into a giant bottle of ketchup?