But you can call me Sebo!
HI! Question for the wonderful blog owner - as a Seborga RPer it's SUPER STUPID hard to find reaction images so - 1) how do you feel about people using your art (credited of course) as reaction images? 2) Do you know anywhere one could FIND reaction images? I love the heckie out of this blog, also. <3 Have a great day!

((Hello, anon! Thank you so much you’re the biggest sweetheart

#1 I don’t even know how to put it without sounding like a dishrag but once upon a time when I started the blog I used to not like it when they just used my art for those kinds of things but now I’m older and I’m aloof about it which makes me feel bad for steaming my 13 yr old rage to innocent civilians lol soo sure! you are free to use my drawings as long as you’re not selling it at conventions or markets or anything!!! I bequeath you the power to use my scribbles for your RP blog (^v^)

#2  Umm I dunno I’m not really familiar with using reaction images for roleplays I lack experience and those times when I did use them they were always from my doodles. Sebo’s a tough character to find but maybe the manga can offer you good things and if you already have some from the manga then go out asking artists if you could use their art as well — y’know to avoid any trouble— Sorry for not being really resourceful with this answer because again I lack experience く(^_・)Best of luck young one!!!! ))

((im kinda proud that i havent gotten any smutty asks so far…))

Seborga.You're officially my favorite Hetalia Character! >3< My question is, how do you survive being so fabulous? Girls must be crawling all over you and your fratellos, how do you manage?


it’s hard being me…


sometimes I feel like my brothers have it far more easier than I do…

I don't think you can be as cool as your brother. (Yes, that's a challenge.)

Well…it depends on which brother…

If it’s Big Brother Feli, then that’s debatable…

and…Lovino…yes, I’m way cooler than him

Seborga,can you kiss me?Please..

Sorry, babe. I’m not as easy as I look ;)


hey hey hey hey ey


Hola! You're so cute! I really love your pictures. Okay, here's my question, Lovi and Feli are going out on a triple date with Ludwig and Antonio. Who do you bring with you?

Ciao! and don’t worry-


eye got eeeettt

which one of you little chums mentioned me on that hetaliapositivityproject?

Do you ever hang out with just the older micronations? (Hutt River, Molossia) If so what do you guys do?

some stuff

some illegal stuff you could say 

top secrect information if i were’a you i would run away from this

we go all the way we’re dangerous no-gooders ya hear me?

(kidding! we just play online barbie games)